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4-in-1 Fishing MultiTool – Knot-tyer, Line Cutter, Threader, Forceps


4-in-1 multifunction tool attaches easily to your fishing kit via spring-loaded retracting cable, and assists with a variety of difficult tasks such as knot tying, threading line through jig-eyes and trimming tag-ends.



This easy-to-use multifunction fishing tool assists with tying knots, picking up bait such as worms, threading lines to jig eyes, and includes a line cutter to trim your lines.  A flexible, retractable cord connects it to your belt or vest for easy access.


  • Knot-assist forceps help grip small items, and tying triple-eight knots
  • Integrated line cutter to your trim lines and tag-ends
  • Line guide helps thread your line through your jig eye
  • Microcase container helps hold small parts safely
  • 360-degree access & reel with 28″ of spring-loaded cord for attachment to a belt or vest

MultiTool is manufactured in Japan by Daiichiseiko


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