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Tauten LineWelder Full System (TLW1000-ST)

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Never tie knots again with the Tauten LineWelder; a handheld, battery-operated device that bonds 10-12 lb test monofilament, 10-12 lb test fluorocarbon and 10-50 lb test braid lines together in less than a minute!

See the LineWelder in action on the Learn-To-LineWeld page!

This full-system bundle includes a LineWelder handle as well as the entire line of Tauten accessories (TAC1902-OC, TAU1903-BM, TAC1904-HC).

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Strong bonds every time!

Attach hooks and lures with ease. The Tauten LineWelder is a handheld, battery-operated device that bonds up to 12 lb test monofilament, 12 lb test fluorocarbon and 10-50 lb test braid lines in less than a minute. Loop size allows for free movement of the hook or lure and there is no weed pick-up because of the smooth shape and finish. Trim the tag end flush with the Tauten LineCutter for an even slicker result.

The molded-in-place polymer sleeve produces a strong joint that does not decrease available line strength. The weakest point in a conventionally knotted line is the knot. Even the best tied knots will often fail before ultimate line strength is achieved whereas the joint produced by the Tauten LineWelder exceeds line strength.

Designed to resist ingress of dirt and water, the LineWelder is at home in your shop or in your tackle box. The integrated lithium-ion battery provides 150+ welds per charge.


Also included in the Tauten LineWelder Premium System.

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Dimensions 9 × 8 × 4 cm

2 reviews for Tauten LineWelder Full System (TLW1000-ST)

  1. Lee J. Rawcliffe

    I ordered and received the Tauten LineWelder a little over a year ago. I am an avid Bass fisherman and have two private bass lakes that I fish regularly. I use this device on every type of line and bait. It has never failed me, even at El Salto in Mexico on two trips catching of 60 bass on each. At first I was concerned that the welding cement might be a distraction to the Bass. That is not the case, further, the lures seem to travel true and I have more control of the action. I have experienced zero knot failures. If your worried about investing $200 in a knot tying system, Stop,
    This device is great and worth the money.

  2. Matt

    Will it work for salt water fishing

    • Trevor A.

      Yep! Just only on lines up to .013″ diameter (so like 12# leader/50# braid)
      This one is better for bigger lines: https://tauten.com/product/tlw30/

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